Latest Coronavirus Updates

Social Care

  • We have launched a Visitor Tracker that links via a QR code on a downloadable poster. Information on how to use this is in the Resource centre
  • There is a new Observational Hand Hygiene Audit Tool in the Resource Centre to support your Infection Control and Planning. The tool includes guidance and a section for your action plan 
  • A new poster on compassion fatigue is now in the Resource Centre
  • We have updated and simplified the PPE policy , you can see on your dashboard other policies we have updated this week
  • With more guidance being published every day , we have added a summary called In Vision in the review centre 
  • A staff mental Health wellbeing risk assessment template has been added to the Risk Assessment section 
  • The NHS is releasing their new NHS COVID-19 Tracing App on 24th September. We will  be updating guidance and policies to encourage people to use it.
Government guidance is changing frequently. To help you keep up to date, the Quality Compliance Systems mobile app will notify you immediately of any changes we make to our policies. The app is available to download via the App Store or Google Play

Primary Care

  • We have produced a GP Mythbuster for you to share with your PPG and patients
  • See the Employee Welfare Check form for Staff who are parents or guardians
  • Use the DSP Confidentiality and Data Protection Checklist to help to evidence your return by 30 September
  • Check out guidance in the Resource centre to make sure you are meeting the accessible information standards on your website

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